Corps de Garde mountain

Corps de Garde mountain is a can be a physically demanding climb, especially the first part up to the perched rock. But the views over the western coast all the way up to the north past Port Louis and the central plains of Mauritius, are very rewarding, and should hopefully serve as an incentive for you to try this route.
The path is also exposed to the sun, due to the lack of tall trees along the route, so you should ideally start this route as early as possible in the morning.


Corps de Garde mountain is located on the western side of central Mauritius near the towns of Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes. The part of Rose Hill which lies neareast to Corps de Garde is known as Stanley.
There are no bus routes which pass near the start of the hiking route, located at the northern side of the mountain, so the only way to get to the starting position is by use of car or by walking from Stanley which you can reach by using buses which serve Stanley from Rose Hill bus station.
The start of the path is by a clearing adjacent to the road. There is a bridge over a small stream passing under the road. Park your car in this clearing.

Route Description

The route to the summit of Corps de Garde is essentially in two parts. The first involves reaching the ridge just north of the perched rock, and the second involves walking along the ridge to the summit of the mountain, and if you choose to do so, continue the route to the southern viewpoint.

The track leading to the summit of Corps de Garde is well used, and in some places you might find that the track splits and later rejoins itself. Choose whichever track you are most comfortable with, as long as you keep within the general guidance of the track log provided here.Start of Path to summit of Corps de Garde mountain

  • Starting from the clearing where you have parked your transport, walk along the road, over the stream, and looking south-westwards towards the mountain, you should notice a track in the grass heading up towards the northern part of the mountain, to the right of the perched rock.
  • Follow this track, it will get steeper as you move higher up the mountain. Don't give up here as this is probably the toughest part of the hike.
  • This will bring you to the top of the ridge, just north of the perched rock, and take some time to regain your breath whilst enjoying the views over Rose Hill and westwards over parts of La Ferme reservoir.
  • Once you are ready to continue, the track will lead towards the south, and pass to the right of the perched rock. At the perched rock, you may find that some less agile members of your team might need a leg-up across a boulder. Using the trees and shrubs growing nearby should make this easier.
  • Once past the perched rock, the path continues without any significant hurdles for a further 700 metres.
  • Just before you reach the summit, you will encounter some bare rock which will require some care. This part of the track is by no means difficult or dangerous, but the lack of shrubs and trees to provide support means that you should be especially careful if the rock is wet.
  • After a few more metres, you should now have reached the summit.
  • You may choose to remain here and enjoy the views, or go further along the ridge to the southern extremity of the mountain. In some places the path passes close to the edge of cliffs, so some care should be taken.

Part of the Path on the hike to the summit of Corps de Garde Mountain


View from Corps de Garde mountain summit

On your way down, avoid following the track northwards towards the tarred road where a telecommunication tower installation is located. It is advisable you take the same route you took on your way up, as although the northern track seems less steep, the ground eventually turns very rocky and is obscured with tall grass, making it difficult to know where you are placing your feet.


2.3 km, 02:41:05


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