Trois Mamelles mountain

Les Trois Mamelles mountain is located in the west of Mauritius and forms part of an isolated range compromising of Mt Rempart to the West and Les Trois Mamelles to the East.

There are three peaks to this mountain and this route describes the path for the centre peak.

Note that this track has been described as "This is true grade II climbing in the alps"


The location of the mountain is easily accessible from the centre of the island and is near to the central urban area of Quatre Bornes. You can easily get to Quatre Bornes by bus and change to buses serving the West and South West and stopping near Bassin Estate.

A saloon car will get you near to the starting point, but you would be advised to leave it further away as there are few parking spaces in the sugar cane fields, and your transport could cause an obstruction to lorries working in these fields.


  • Make your way to near the starting point by either using the track near the roundabout towards Black River or using Nehru Road bypassing the manned arm gate near Bassin Estate. Edit 2014: Medine Estate has now removed the manned gate due to the new bypass road.
  • Walk across the cane fields towards the starting point and as you approach the curve in the road, pay particular attention in this area.
  • Though there is/was a small cairn on the sugar cane road marking the start of the path (Aug 2012), it might not be there when you visit, so look very carefully through the shrubs and small tress growing to the right of the road for the start of the path. It is just a passage through some grass & shrubs lining the side of the sugar cane road.
  • Follow the GPS route as closely as you can, and you will go through the woods where the path is generally easy to follow, leading you to the saddle between the centre and West peaks of Les Trois Mamelles mountain. The mountain path is relatively clear but rough in some places.
  • If you intend on attempting to ascend the Western peak, turn right at this point.

Trois Mamelles ridge

  • Leaving the saddle you will continue eastwards along the ridge of the mountain, and at a certain location, encounter a metal rung placed in the rock to help you. This rung is more useful on the way down.

Iron rung on Trois Mamelles mountain

  • You will then climb upwards to a large boulder which you will pass around on a narrow ridge, avoiding the trees near the start.
  • Continuing, there is a narrow part of the ridge to pass, which will then bring you onto the summit.


9.1 km, 04:39:45

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