View from Mount St. Pierre

Mount St. Pierre is a small peak next to La Ferme reservoir and Corps de Garde mountain. It is not particularly high but is a short accessible hike offering nice views over the reservoir and Corps de Garde.


The start of the path is located near the entrance to the Central Electricity Board solar energy farm in the village of Bambous on the west of the Island. Park your transport outside the gates or in a suitable location and follow the residential road along the fence and upwards into the mountain.


  • Make your way to the starting point outside the Central Electricity Board solar energy farm, and find a suitable spot to leave your vehicle.
  • Follow the cemented residential track along the fence and at the first opportunity turn left onto the dry mountain slope and follow the gps path.
  • The path is helpfully marked with yellow and white paint on the stones at regular intervals.
  • Follow the gps track or the yellow markers and the path will continue upwards and then to the right of the ridge under some overhanging rocks.
  • Continue onto the ridge where the path continues without any hurdles towards the highest peak in the range.
  • When approaching the summit, the path will veer to the left of the summit and continue just after the summit. You may turn back and approach the summit from the Eastern side, and then continue onto the extremity of the range with a viewpoint over La Ferme reservoir and Corps de Garde mountain.
  • Return to your transport the same way you came.


1.6 km, 02:24:29



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